maandag 10 mei 2010


Hey guys,
I haven´t told you about Bibabath yet, wich is so wonderfull if you have a baby or small children.
It´s a very practical and funcional foldable bath for in your shower. At least here in Spain as in many countries in Europe we live in small apartments and many new parents come to the point that they don´t know where to bathe their babies, cause they only have showers in the apartment and their babies dont fit in a standart plastic baby bath anymore.
Bibabath has so much advantages like:
- It is a square size bath and has enough space so you can bathe 1,2 or 3 childeren the same time( wonderfull if you have twins or triplets )
- The only bath for babies and kids from 0 up to 8 years of age.
- It´s foldable and you can store it in narrow spaces or you can hang it up, each Bibabath weights 2,7 kg only.
- It comes in diferent models and diferent sizes, many of the models are adjustable, because there are so many different sizes of showers, with Bibabath you can extend the bath due to telescopic tubes and clips to the size needed for your shower. You can make square forms or rectangular forms like:
60x60 cm 70x70cm, 80x80cm 90x90cm or 60x70cm, 60x80cm, 70x80cm, 70x90 cm and so on......
- It has a water outlet and a water stop in the corner of the bath, wich you can fit in the wateroutlet of your own shower. Very easy to let the water go out by it´s self, not to worry to hassle with bins or cups to scoop out the water.
- You can wash the bag of the Bibabath, to keep it clean and hygenic, in your washmachine at 60 degrees.
- The bag is anti-slip, it has a polireuthane layer, free of toxins.
- Bibabath is also used as a mini pool for in the garden or terrace, you can take it with you to the grandparents or take it with you on holidays.
Isn´t this great? My girlfriends who had their first babies told me they love Bibabath, they see their babies and (now childeren) enjoy Bibabath so much, cause the have space to play with their toys and water and it´s easy for the parents to use it.
It´s good to hear this positive and honest feedback from them.

Bibabaño convierte fácilmente su plato de ducha en una cómoda y práctica bañera diseñada para recién nacidos hasta 8 años. Su estructura extensible permite que sea utilizada por más de un niño al mismo tiempo. Ideal como mini-piscina para terraza o jardín.
Su forma cuadrada da mayor amplitud. Se dobla fácilmente, ocupando muy poco espacio. Ligera, pesa menos de 3 kgs.
Su bolsa, antideslizante y con desagüe incluido, se limpia directamente en la lavadora.
Bibabaño está disponible en 4 medidas, de 60cm, 70cm, 80cm y 90cm.

vrijdag 7 mei 2010

Babies trailer

Hey all I found this trailes of Babies, have a look at the link!

Enjoy your weekend!

Hola a todos, mira el link de Babies.

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